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Take a Look: Negative Space Nails

A reoccurring nail trend on the runways during Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week was the “negative space nail,” a nail look that leaves a piece your natural nail exposed. This nail trend is focused on embellishing your natural nail and not completely painting over it. Not only is this nail look simplistic, but also low maintenance and arguably long lasting (less polish to be chipped, less likely to be chipped!). So, next time you’re at the salon or are feeling in the mood for a DIY, try this uncomplicated look out! Below are some guidelines to go by/inspiration to use: 

1. Streak of color on the side: 

2. Duo-color french tips: 

3. Monochrome lines: 

4. Duo-color half moon tips: 

5. Pop of color on the nail beds: 

Have fun with it and embrace that natural nail of yours! 

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