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Survival Guide for the Post Mardi Gras Blues

It’s that sad time where we have to say goodbye to Mardi Gras until next year (except seniors.. sorry seniors).

After surviving 5 days of Mardi Gras, you’re probably tired, smelly, hungry for real food, and physically dead. Here are some ways to regroup in time for those Wednesday classes!!

1. Take a shower

Yes, that awful smell is you- take a shower and really don’t be afraid to scrub. Remember how many UHauls, porta potties, and fraternity houses you’ve been in if you need some encouragement to take an extra long shower.

2. Drink lots of water and electrolytes

You are probably dehydrated, hungover, and in need for some revival. Drink something hydrating of your choice, whether it be gatorade or pedialyte- it’s up to you.

3. Eat some real food

Chances are, you’ve been living off of chicken nuggets and french fries because nothing that’s considered healthy is open. Don’t mistake the feeling of bloating for full, and eat something with protein and some greens to remind your body that you don’t hate it, you just had limited options.

4. Clean your sheets

Since you’re showered, you might as well not sleep in your own filth again. I would even prioritize this over doing other laundry because clean sheets = happiness.

5. Lay in bed a lot

Now that your sheets are nice and clean, why would you move from them today? Take a break, relax, watch that episode of the Bachelor hometown visits that you missed.

6. Call your parents

Did you totally forget to text your parents updates that you didn’t die this weekend? Let them know now that you’re *kinda* alive and survived the weekend.

7. Go through your photos

Look at those random photos you took (and may not remember taking) and reflect on your weekend. Most likely you will be posting those pictures for the next year until you have next year’s Mardi Gras photos.


When all else fails- eat, hydrate, & repeat until you may or may not go to your Wednesday classes.

Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Tulane Chapter Senior at Tulane University Majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Public Health Originally from Fort Myers, Florida
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