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The Struggle Between Going Home With Friends And Going Home With A Boy

After a night out at a frat party or The Boot, there are two ways to end the night. Depending on your intentions and your success rate, you may have the option to head to a boys room and have some fun. You text your friends to give them the heads up and make the walk back with your boy.

However, we all experience the small debate in our heads to stay and hang out with your friends. Some of my best memories are the late night hangouts after going out and ordering a huge amount of food from a random place. The adventures to City Diner, Boot Pizza, or Crepe De La Carte are memorable and moments you never want to miss out on. Personally, I have a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so this decision is a constant struggle.  

There is always the option of going home with a boy for a little bit and then meeting back up with your friends. But it’s never the same. For some reason, it seems like the funniest moments happen when you go back with a boy instead. Here are some guidelines on how to make the decision when you are confronted with the choice:


  1. What are the chances you will see this boy again? If this is a one time opportunity, you may as well hop on the chance while you can. Worse comes to worst you can make up an excuse if you want to leave and head back to your friends.

  2. Is this a consistent hook-up? If it’s consistent then you can skip a night if you’re not feeling it and would rather hang with friends.

  3. Are you hungry? If you’re at the point in your night where you NEED to late night eat, ditch the boy and find food with your friends. Hopefully, he’ll understand. You won’t enjoy your time with a boy if your stomach is grumbling in the background.

  4. Are you tired? If you start to feel your body shutting down, you won’t want to walk back to your room after being with a boy, and you’ll be too tired to enjoy your time with him.


These are general rules you can try to follow if you have this mental battle on nights out. For me, these are some of the points I make in my head or use as deciding factors when it comes to making this decision. As someone who enjoys the part of the night when we get home and hang out, I typically decide to go home with friends over going home with a boy.

Jordin Carp

Tulane '21

Tulane student who is obsessed with all things food, fashion, and fun
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