Starting To Care

Earth day was a couple of days ago. Like every year, I scrolled through my Instagram feed and tapped through hundreds (I am not exaggerating!) of stories to find the perfect one to re-post. I wanted to show my followers that I cared and that I was doing great things for the earth. I even went to that picture that said “double tap to plant a tree” and double tapped it! I deserve a prize, I know!

Well, actually, I don’t. Doing that just made me realize that I was just a hypocrite. While what @tentree is doing is awesome, it made me realize that I really do not care.  If I did care I would do more than just "liking" a picture to plant a tree. I would do more than just closing the tap as I washed my teeth. I would do more than just throwing an empty bottle into the recycling bin.  If I cared I would not be writing this article while drinking water out of a plastic bottle and eating fruit with a plastic fork. I DO NOT CARE.

I repost whatever on Instagram because I am selfish. Because guilt consumes me every time I read a headline like “The Great Barrier Reef’s are struggling to recover fast enough” or basically anything that talks about the fact that we have a decade to make a change if we want to save the earth and ultimately save ourselves. As I go through my news feed on Facebook, I purposely ignore those headlines because it makes me fear for my future and because I do not want to confront the fact that what I do on a daily basis is making things worse, not better. Ultimately, I celebrate earth day, not because I care but because posting that picture on Instagram makes me feel better about myself.

But I don’t want to leave it at this. I don’t want to conclude this by saying I don’t care about climate change. I want to know how I can do better. I really do. Because while in the past I have ignored this pressing issue, I want to care now. I know it is late and I know it is problematic but I have to say that after years of avoiding climate change I want to start doing better.

If you are like me and you feel like posting on Instagram about climate change isn’t enough, we are in this together. Below I have found articles and videos that might help you and me find a way in which we can start doing better and we can ACTUALLY start to make an active and conscious change.

  1. Watch the Netflix series called Our Planet. Not only does it have incredible scenes, it also makes you VERY aware of the damage we are causing on wildlife all over the planet. 

  2. Try this beginner's guide to eating less meat. I know it’s hard but you have to give it a try!

  3. Use this guide to find ethical clothing. What you are wearing is probably not sustainable, so try change where you buy your clothes and be aware of the impact the clothes you wear has.

  4. Read this guide on sustainable living on campus! It’s good to be aware of the things you can do right on campus that make a change.