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The Stages Of Spring Break Preparation

After weeks of studying in the library, it’s time for a change of scenery. Put away those binders and take out those bikinis for the best spring break yet.   

Stage 1: pick a destination

Make sure your destination encompasses the spring break requirements: warm weather, nice beaches and a good night life. 

Stage 2: book tickets

Figure out when your final exams are, so you can get flights as soon as possible to best suit your college budget.

Stage 3: convince all your friends to come along 

This step is easy, just write in your squad group chat; no one can turn a spring break trip down.

Stage 4: when you’re leaving in two weeks, and you realize you can’t wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants on the beach

When suddenly all those 3 AM slices of pizza become the enemy.

Stage 5: packing

Remember: your not only packing for yourself, but your friends too. Just shove your entire closet in your suitcase. 

Stage 6: spring break mode


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