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Spice Up Your Life: 10 Easy Ways to Use Sriracha

Before coming to college, “Sriracha” was an 8-lettered word I had never heard muttered. Now, four years later and copious amounts of empty Sriracha bottles later, my culinary world has been forever rocked. This tastey hot sauce is the perfect addition to so many different meals and snacks. It is loaded with a unique blend of spices, and packs a spicy-hot punch with every bite! As a loyal and devoted member of the Sriracha fan club, here is my list of the 10 best and easiest ways to use Sriracha and excite your mundane meals:

1) Popcorn

Melt some butter and stir in some Sriracha to toss into your popcorn. This flavorful treat always serves as a staple snack.

2) Grilled Cheese

Add some Sriracha into your common grilled cheese to make it excitingly fiery.

3) Eggs

This hot sauce is the eggs’ perfect companion. Dip any egg combo you’d like into some Sriracha, promise, it is a total game-changer.

4) Bloody Mary’s

A little squirt of the sauce will add some serious spice into your cocktail.

5) Greens

Sriracha can definitely hold its own as a dressing in itself, or, you can combine it with any dressing you’d like. Try an Asian style peanut dressing…yum.

6) Fish

Blending the hot sauce with mayo and/or various other condiments can serve as a delicious glaze for your fish.

7) Chicken

Use the same Sriracha glaze to add some zest to your pultry. Even the simple addition of mayo and Sriracha into some pulled chicken will make a quick and easy Sriracha chicken salad.

8) Soup

Simply squirt Sriracha into any noodle soup, like Ramen or Pho, and add instant flavor.

9) Salsa

Spike your salsa with a little of the sauce to bring up the heat a notch or two.

10) Fries

If you want to get extra fancy, you can mix up some Sriracha and regular ketchup to make a yummy hybrid. Or, just drizzle some right on top of your fries.

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