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Sex. A pandemic is just the thing to put hook-up culture on hold. But what happens to those who want to continue on in being sexually active? Can you still have sex? Explore new partners? Where to meet people? Do not worry, I have some answers for you…


Let’s take a look at the first, universal question: Can I still have sex during the COVID-19 pandemic? In my opinion, yes. We are in a pandemic and there are going to be limitations to what kind of sex you are having and things like that, but we are still human, and our sexual tendencies are natural. Most likely if you have a consistent partner, you and they can express your comfort levels, as well as keep each other within your small circle. Boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, etc. are easier to navigate, but let’s move to those of you who are looking for a new hook-up.


Dating apps are not the way to go unless you can guarantee they are safe. For some apps like Tinder, you can put in your university and find others who attend the same school as you. If you are not in college or do not attend a university with safety guidelines, dating apps may not be the safest route to go. But if you do decide to use them here are some questions to ask someone before meeting them…


  • “Have you had COVID before?”
  • “Have you been vaccinated?”
  • “What did your quarantine look like?”
  • “How have you been adjusting to life after COVID hit?”


Some of these questions can give you a grasp on how safe this person was during the early days which will help you understand how they are handling the pandemic now. It also depends on your comfort level. Everyone is different, but these questions will help you determine if you are on the same page.


[bf_image id="q7jupn-1bxy9c-eqh86r"] Now it’s time for the ultimate question… Can you still have a one-night stand with someone you just met? Yes and no. The first question you have to explore is how would you meet this person? I would advise not going out to newly open bars and restaurants that are relaxed on COVID policies with the only intention of meeting someone. You will most likely find someone not worth your time, if anyone, and it will not be worth the risk of getting sick. If you are fully set on the idea of hooking up with someone random, maybe ask some friends if they know anyone, or revert back to the dating app idea. Although things look like they are starting to go back to normal, the pandemic is still here, and you can still risk getting sick and running into the wrong kinds of people.


With this being said, sex is normal, and do not feel like you are wrong for wanting to explore your human tendencies. We have been stuck inside for over a year and it’s time to go get some! (in a safe way).

Amelia Fox

Tulane '23

Amelia is a junior at Tulane University, studying English and Communications. When not in class or writing for Her Campus she likes to go for walks, listen to Podcasts, and find new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to keeping her material informative, but also personal, connecting with the reader and sharing her experiences with each topic.
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