Shopping for Mardi Gras: The Funky Monkey

Much like my fellow Tulanians, I have been looking forward to Mardi Gras forever, but I have also been anticipating my outfits. I have heard stories from upperclassmen, friends who attended Mardi Gras, and even Uber drivers about the crazy costumes that people wear during Mardi Gras and as I wracked my brain for ideas, I realized that my closet is severely lacking in the crazy, glittery department. Luckily, New Orleans has some of the best thrift stores, specifically the Funky Money, with costumes, bags, and crazy shoes for anyone’s Mardi Gras attire. From sequin jackets to go-go boots to wigs, there is something for everyone at the Funky Monkey, and the following list will review their Mardi Gras appropriate apparel.

Bags and Fanny-packs

Whether you’re travelling light with just your money and some money or you want to bring a little bit of everything just in case, fanny-packs and bags are a must have. Fanny-packs may take the (king) cake over the traditional purse because of how easy they are to carry, but backpacks and cross body bags will also do the trick this Mardi Gras.

Best part: You can keep everything organized in one place on your body and you can reuse the bags and fanny-packs after Mardi Gras!

Tip: Make a checklist of what you bring with you each day so that you don’t forget anything!

Decorated Bras

Anything goes when it comes to Mardi Gras, so the selection of decorated bras that Funky Monkey carries from a Union Jack print to classic glitter will fit right in.

Best part: You will stand out from the crowd and it takes care of the finding a fun shirt situation!

Tip: Make sure that you are comfortable wearing only a bra in public for a long period of time before leaving home!

Go-go boots

Go-go boots usually remind us of seventies costumes and Daphne from Scooby Doo, but the selection of boots at Funky Monkey may change minds and make appearances at this year’s parades.

Best part: The variety of matte and glitter colors may leave you wanting to buy more than one pair!

Tip: Break them in! Walking for an entire day in shoes that are giving you blisters will keep you from being able to enjoy the festivities around you!


Many people choose to become someone other than who they actually are during Mardi Gras and wigs are the perfect opportunity to do so. There are short bob wigs, longer flowing wigs, and afro wigs ready to complement any outfit.  

Best part: You could wear the same outfit twice, but add a wig one day to keep everyone guessing!

Tip: Ensure that the wig doesn’t block your view with bangs or anything else that could ruin the day!


Like the wigs, costumes let you become someone else for a day whether you choose to be a Rockette or a cowboy. The Funky Monkey carries plenty of costumes (especially glitter covered ones) that are awesome on their own or with other accessories this Mardi Gras season.

Best part: Come Halloween you will already have a costume! You can also create a costume out of anything you have in your closet by adding one piece from the Funky Monkey.

Tip: Be comfortable! Because of all of the walking and standing throughout Mardi Gras, you should be comfortable in whatever it is you choose to wear.