Shop Until You Drop: 5 Go-to Stores to Shop for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is officially one month away! While officially, Fat Tuesday is March 5th, the festivities for me will kick off February 27th, when I will be attending my first official Mardi Gras Ball. The festivities will run into the weekend. With that being said one of my favorite parts of Mardi Gras, is being able to dress up in crazy outfits with my friends. Fortunately for you, I have compiled a list of my five favorite stores in which to shop for Mardi Gras without breaking the bank. 




Pictured above, you will see me enjoying a slice of boot pizza last Mardi Gras. The glasses and fanny pack I am wearing in this outfit are from Amazon. Amazon is incredible for anyone attending Mardi Gras, especially for college students. Amazon is both convenient and cheap, and with Amazon prime, there is no rush to buy outfits too far in advance. 


Corey Paige Designs

Corey Paige Designs is a Tulane local's favorite store for Mardi Gras leggings, sweatpants, crop tops, etc. Why may you ask? Corey Paige is a former Tulane student herself and knows what her fellow students are seeking. She comes out with a new Mardi Gras collection yearly. Corey Paige Designs was created in Corey's dorm room at Tulane. After graduating in 2017, she has since expanded her company, creating a full-time job for herself. 



Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill! Need I say more? Dolls Kill is my number one destination for platform shoes, fun jackets, bodysuits, you name it. Go to Dolls Kill if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone, and the perfect time to do so is Mardi Gras. 


Princess Polly

Princess Polly has been my favorite online boutique for years. Originating in Australia, I will shop at Princess Polly yearly for summer dresses, going out clothes, and of course festival outfits. I recommend checking out Princess Polly if you love matching sets and prints. They currently have a wide range of snakeskin as well as leopard outfits.



A picture is worth a thousand words. At Subliworks, you will find a range of t-shirts with all of your favorite characters and celebrities ranging from Will Ferrel to Dwight Shrute, to Justin Bieber. These are the perfect shirts for pairing with fun leggings or to wear as a dress.