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The Saga of the Gilmore Girls Return, as told by GIFs

If you’ve heard girls screaming and jumping for joy over the past few weeks, it’s probably because of Gilmore Girls. Fans of the show have been rejoicing about Netflix’s decision to revive the beloved program in 4, 90 minute films. This will draw the show to its proper conclusion, and allow fans to reunite with the Stars Hollow gang 8 years after they left us crying with our tissue boxes. 

When we found out that the series was ending so abruptly, and without a proper finale, we felt like: 

Our faces were stuck like this for days, as smiles were impossible without witty puns and coffee jokes: 

And this was the only movement to relay our emotions: 

True fans were simply falling apart, but other people just didn’t understand: 

How could we go on without the valuable life lessons provided by the wise wisdom of Paris? 

How could we even get dressed in the morning? 

And how could we be expected to make it through college without Rory to remind us that everyone feels the same way? 


But a few weeks ago, our lives changed for the better. We were like: 

And we can’t wait to see this beautiful image again: 

And this image better happen, too: 


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