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Richard W. Hébert

Major: Studio Art & Communication

Year: Sophomore

Age: 19.75

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL

Status: Single and semi-prepared to mingle

Favorite pickup line: “Hi, how are you?” (Spoken with a smile)

Trend you hate: Slap bracelets. Never again…

I like someone who: is confident, creative, funny, and kind.

Deal Breaker: A lack of manners. (Southern gentleman here…)

If I were a song I would be: “Wide Eyes” by the Local Natives
If you had 30 seconds to save the world: Already did – didn’t want to alarm anyone. No need to thank me.

When you think of Tulane: I think of incredible people who are passionate about their fields of study and an environment created to nurture those interests.

Good place to spot you on campus: Woldenberg Art Center

Catherine Combs is a Tulane University Alumna, who majored in Communications and Political Science. She  has always had a soft spot for books, writing, and anything Chanel. When not searching for the final touches to her latest outfit idea, she can be found reading.
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