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Ranking Tulane Buildings Based On Haunted-ness

If you know me, you know that one of my only personality traits is that I like haunted things. A building without ghosts, to me, is akin to a person who is so beautiful or talented that they never had to develop a personality. Rather than shying away from haunted locations, I tend to seek them out, or, quite often, declare that somewhere is haunted upon my arrival. So since my only other personality trait is writing articles behind schedule, let’s get into it. 


The Commons

Although the modern architecture and the eerily washed-out walls lend themselves to be the setting of one of those futuristic, experimental horror movies that are secretly about the perils of technology or industrialism or something, The Commons is far too new to house any paranormal activity aside from the ghosts of the birds that have flown into the glass. 2/10. 



I have been inside Stern once, and to be quite honest, I have never felt so in danger in the city of New Orleans before. I can’t say if it was haunted, per se, but the energy was entirely off. Perhaps it was actively rejecting an English major being inside its walls, but either way, its mysterious flickering light and the fact that my friends always come back from there looking traumatized give Stern a bit of an edge. 6/10.


Josephine Louise Hall

When I was looking at colleges, I actively sought out institutions that had amassed stories of paranormal occurrences. When I visited Tulane for the first time, I scheduled a ghost tour of New Orleans for immediately after. So you can imagine my delight when, come summertime, I was assigned to live in the most haunted dorm on campus. Between the ancient, yellow-lit ballroom, the infamous third floor-odd, and the classic story of the Spanish influenza outbreak that claimed the lives of several girls living in JL, you have a breeding ground for a haunting. Everyone loves a good backstory. 9.5/10.


The Business School

I left my soul at the B School the time I spent 7 consecutive hours studying there. I think it’s still floating somewhere around a ceiling tile that was paid for by the CEO of a fortune 500 company. 10/10.


The spooky season may be over, but projecting your desire for things to be haunted onto Tulane’s campus never ends. Happy haunting.

Greta Baylor

Tulane '23

Hey there! I'm Greta and I'm a sophomore from DC. I love animals, literature, scary movies, and complaining.
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