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Ramen Upgrades for Off Campus Living

The hardest part of living off campus is deciding what to eat. I don’t miss Bruff but I definitely would love to have a meal cooked for me every now and then.  

In my quest to find easy lunches and dinners that don’t take too much of my time, I find myself forever falling back to the delicious, salty, and cheap dish that is ramen noodles. These past few weeks, I have found ways to make ramen noodles delicious and different and maybe even a little healthier. 


1. Add vegetables: The quickest way to upgrade a bowl of ramen is to add some fresh vegetables. My favorites? Green onion and mushroom. They always do the trick! Check out this recipe for some added inspiration!

2. Get rid of the broth: It’s super simple to transform ramen into 100 different dishes, and one quick way to change it up is to make them peanut noodles. This really simple recipe can rival even your favorite Asian restaurant. 

3. Salad Anyone?: We’ve all eaten the noodles raw waiting for water to boil, so why not incorporate their crunchiness into a recipe? This ramen noodle salad can be an incredible refreshing lunch or dinner! 


*For a healthier version of simple ramen soup, substitute the seasoning packet for low sodium chicken or beef broth!  

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