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So, you like podcasts? You came to the right place! Whether I’m folding my laundry, making breakfast, or going for a walk around Audubon, the chances I’m listening to a podcast are quite high. I love to be constantly learning, collecting tips and tricks about how to be a better version of myself. Sometimes I put them on to go to sleep, instead of watching a TV show. Bottom line: I live for podcasts. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started, or expand your podcast database!

Gals on the Go 

If you are just entering the podcast world, this podcast is for you! Two young, ages 21 and 23 share their perspectives on college and post-grad life. Their episodes range from things they wish they knew before college, questions you are too afraid to ask your doctor, and navigating your career path. Check out this podcast every Wednesday for a mid-week pick me up; you are guaranteed to laugh (check out the “get tipsy with us” episode)!

Manifest with Tori Disimone 

If you are looking for a podcast about manifesting a better life, energy, and law of attraction, this podcast is perfect for you. As a 22-year-old business owner and spin instructor, Tori’s episodes are mostly solo episodes about how she managed to be so successful in life. This podcast talks about the idea of being your “highest self” and achieving your maximum potential. I have taken some major life lessons from this podcast! 

The Skinny Confidential

If you haven’t heard of The Skinny Confidential (one of the biggest podcasts in the world), you are missing out! Lauren Evarts Bosstick and her husband co-host this podcast, and always creates long, content-heavy episodes. You will absolutely learn something after every episode. Almost every episode features a guest who specializes in something – One of my favorite episodes recently is called “The French Way to Wellness”.

The Ed Mylett Show

By far the most motivational podcast! For go-getters, achievers, and anyone who is looking for ways to improve themselves, this is a great way to start your day. This podcast gives off the aura of a motivational speech, but for a whole hour! “Rise and Grind”, “Total Human Optimization”, and “It’s separation season” (a personal favorite), are the types of content you will see…just to name a few.

Anything Goes (Emma Chamberlin)

This podcast feels like I’m catching up with my best friend. With all solo episodes, this podcast is laid back, casual, and full of the life advice you need. There are no real segments, music, or excessive advertisements. It’s the kind of show you can put on while you fold your laundry or cook dinner. She covers topics like healthy relationships, the problem with social media, and burnout. 

Thick n Thin (Katy Bellotee)

For history buffs and storytelling lovers, give this podcast a listen. Honestly, Katy has one of the most soothing podcast voices ever. Her first episode “Love, Life, and New York City” kind of sums up the vibe of this podcast. Thick and Thin is a spoken diary with elements of history about women who inspire her and her work.

P.S – go check out Thorns and Roses, created by yours truly! We cover everything from diet culture to productivity tips for school. Every episode has a segment near and dear to my heart, “Rose, Bud, Thorn”. If you want to find out what that means, go listen! (Available on Spotify)

My name is Ariana DeFranc and I am a sophomore at Tulane Universtiy. I am outside of Boston, and am studying Marketing. I love everything health & wellness, and hope to inspire other young women on how to live a balanced life with a positive mindset.
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