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Pitch Perfect: An “Aca-mazing” Girls Night Out

Hey Ladies! With all of these midterms right around the corner, who isn’t in need of a little study break, right? Sometimes the perfect cure to all of the late-night studying and residual Howie-T time is simply a girl’s night out. My personal favorite G.N.O activity is a trip to the movies. Lucky for you, I’ve got just the one! Movie-goer or not, “Pitch Perfect,” is one you just wont want to miss, and I’m about to give you five reasons why…

1) The “Aca-Awesome” Singing: Lets be honest, whether you’re a notorious “Gleek,” or not, we can all agree that its hard to pass up a movie that will have you leaving the theatre with an enormous grin and a feeling of shameful embarrassment due to the amount of singing and dancing that just went on in your chair. Lucky for us ladies, this is a total chick flick, so the likelihood of running into your crush there is little to none. Let your freak-flags fly on this one girls, you’ll want to be a part of the fun.
2) Cute Boys: Not only does this movie provide us with the romantic comedy that we need (so we can pretend we actually have romantic hero’s who love us too) but these boys also sing acapella, which is so much hotter.
3) New Orleans/Tulane: This whole movie was shot in our exciting city of New Orleans. Although most of the shots of the college campus were filmed at LSU, our Tulane campus makes it in a shot or two. So, keep your eye out for Norman Mayer’s ten seconds of fame.
4) “Green Envy” Pride: Tulane’s own acapella team, “Green Envy,” had the amazing opportunity to partake as extras in Pitch Perfect. Two boys from Green Envy were chosen to be apart of the all boy acapella group in the film, “the Treble-makers.” A few others from Green Envy are auditioners in the flick and other various extras. Keep your eye out for your friends and peers because you never know when their faces may pop up in the film!
5) Rebel Wilson: You may only know as the oddball roommate of Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids,” or maybe even the random witty friend in “Bachelorette,” but no matter where you’ve seen her she is always the comical relief in any film she’s in. Rebel, otherwise known as “Fat Amy,” in Pitch Perfect, has truly outdone herself this time, and will have you in hysterics throughout the entire film!

In conclusion ladies, this is one feel-good film you CAN NOT miss! Put down the books and the laptops for one night, get together, and sing your hearts away (while also staring at cute boys, duh!); I promise you won’t leave the theatre regretting it! However, chances are you will leave being fooled into thinking that you suddenly became Christina Aguilera, or Beyoncé, and have the acapella voice of a 90’s pop-goddess.

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