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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

In this generation more so than ever before, food tends to come and go in trends. With each new craze, there is an overwhelming flux of popularity surrounding the dish…just check your Instagram. We’ve seen in it before with Sushi, Fro-Yo, etc. Now, in more recent food news, we are seeing it with the Vietnamese delicacy, “Pho.” With the countless new Vietnamese restaurants I’m sure you’ve all been noticing around New Orleans, the Pho craze has been in its prime. Even if you’re no adventurous eater, Pho may still be the way to go! So, why is Pho the latest trend in eating you may ask…?

What is Pho?

Native to Vietnam, Pho is a clear-broth based soup that contains thin rice noodles and herbs. One reason why this dish is so popular is because there’s a Pho for everyone! It is common to add chicken, meat, veggies, tofu, or seafood to your soup for a more hearty meal.  Whatever your preference; still delicious. It is also common to add in a variety of sauces to your soup like my personal favorite, Sriracha, or the numerous others delivered with the meal.

Some other reasons to love Pho…

1)   Clean eating

        Pho is a meal that will never have you leave the table feeling guilty! No matter your Pho preference, it’s a dish that is consistently healthy and light.

2)   Cheap

        Being a college student it’s always important to keep in mind your budget. This can be extremely hard with all of the tempting food and restaurants that we are surrounded by,        especially here in New Orleans. Most of the time getting off campus and eating out with friends is what we all need. Pho is a cost friendly meal that will satisfy your hunger…          and your bank account!

3)   DIY

       If you are a genuine Pho lover, you can even embark on a fun DIY cooking project and make your own Pho. There are many delicious pre-packaged and pre-pared Pho’s                around that you can buy. Or, if you are extra passionate about your Pho, it’s a pretty simple recipe to make from scratch!

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