Parents Weekend Tips and Tricks

Parents Weekend at Tulane University consists of many meals, parties, and activities that are all squished into one weekend. Typically at the beginning of November, this weekend where alumni and families travel to Nola is filled with balancing acts with your friends, parents, and siblings. However, before the weekend even starts, plans have to be made very far in advance since it is one of the busiest weekends at Tulane.


First comes the reservations. Food is a huge part of college life at Tulane and there are restaurants every goes to when their parents are in town. Whether it be Josephine Estelle, Meril, Domenica, Shaya, or any of the other birthday dinner worthy places to eat, you can’t go wrong. Unless you forgot to start booking tables months in advance. These places are bound to fill up for this specific weekend as early as September. So, as soon as you finish up your meals during move-in, start calling and reserving for parents weekend. If you wait until the week before, chances are you won’t get reservations earlier than 10 PM or you may end up ordering in. Showing your parents the best places to eat is so fun and so worth it, especially in a place where cuisine is such a big part of the culture.

The next step to think about is the tailgate. Obviously, a tailgate with your parents and younger siblings will not be a typical tailgate scene. Although this is the first time you really start to drink with your parents, it depends on the person and their relationship. Some people will be downing shots at the Boot while others just sip on drinks. Either way, the tailgate is a good time to get a feel for your parent's drinking habits. You may also give your younger siblings a sip or a shot of whatever you’re holding too. Pre-gaming with your friends' parents is also a good time to have introductions with all the families. Siblings can hang out with siblings and everyone starts making new friends.

Besides the tailgate, the nightlife is a questionable time when family is around. Younger siblings have to find a way to get into the boot or somewhere on Frenchman’s street. Your parents have to have the energy to do something after the late dinner. You have to balance your desire to hang with your family to your desire to hang with your friends. Once again, a balancing act. No matter what you end up doing, though, it will be fun and spending time with your family is what the whole weekend is about. This is your chance to show them how you are living independently and what your new life is like. They are here for you so it’s up to you to make the plans and decisions for the weekend.

The time spent with family in your new home is short-lived but fun. And no matter how upset you get when it’s time for them to depart, you know Thanksgiving is only a week or two away. Goodbyes are never easy when it comes to your Mom, Dad, and siblings, but regardless of how you spend your weekend, it is always worth the two-day trip they make. Ten more days and you get to see them again!