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Congratulations, Tulanians, we did it. We’ve gotten through our new normal. We wear masks all throughout campus and in class, complete weekly Covid tests, practice social distancing and are now booking vaccine appointments at nearby pharmacies and health centers. This has been a year unlike any other. I want to take the time to congratulate and thank the entire staff and student population of Tulane University because we did it.

When we needed to stay inside, we did. We followed all restrictions. If a student was exposed to someone with Corona, he or she had to quarantine for a certain amount of days to limit the spread. We did it because it was our duty to keep one another and this community safe and secure. 

The updates that students received from President Michael Fitts and Dean Erica Woodley were informing and transparent. They did not sugarcoat how serious the situation was and they treated us like adults who needed to rise to the occasion. This was not the college year that  any university expected. But we are part of an amazing community and together our school stayed safe and open. 

No matter a student’s class level, this year was an experience that we will always remember. Especially for the freshmen. During these unprecedented times, some of our classes were still in person which gave us a little sense of normalcy. I specifically remember a time when one of my outdoor classroom’s air conditioning was so loud that we couldn’t hear the professor. Looking back, I laugh about it now because it was just a glitch that needed to work itself out.

We will look back at this time in years to come and feel such pride because we did what we needed to do, all together as a New Orleans community. A true Tulanian doesn’t look back at what we’ve lost but knows what we have found. We were in this together.

I don’t mean to minimize anything that we have all gone through but I do think we need to recognize each other for what we have accomplished. And although Tulane is quite different than it has ever been, it never diminishes the school spirit and the pride we have for calling Tulane our home. 


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Photo by Pang Yuhao from Unsplash

Chelsea Buda Oceanside, NY Junior
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