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An Open Letter To The Boy Who Is Scared To Talk To me

Dear terrified boy,

You absolutely amaze me. Your complete 360 has left me in utter shock. You went from this “hotshot,” confident and sexy personality to a timid, panicked and immature ‘puppy dog’ like figure. I am writing this letter to you, and to every other male who follows in your footsteps, to ask why one kiss or one night together makes you run for your life. You put all of this effort into your ‘conquests’ per say, however, once you’ve gotten what you wanted, you seem to be dumbfounded every time you have to interact with that same girl. Now, I don’t want you to think I am writing this from a salty perspective; I, along with many other girls who have experienced your cold shoulder, just want to gain a deeper understanding as to what makes us soooo intimidating to you. I understand that in a college scene hookup culture glorifies the one night stand, but what is it about that one night that absolutely terrifies you to the point that even a minimal interaction is not allowed? Maybe it’s the fact that you see all women as the stereotypical psychopath who is already planning your wedding or maybe it’s the complete opposite. The way I see it is that you find women intimidating and you can’t deal with it. So I wanted to thank you for being a great source of entertainment, and for being such a confidence booster. However, I also urge you to grow up and act like the man that you made yourself seem like.

All the best,

Confused girl


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