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My Top Twelve 2000s Comeback Trends: Ranked

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You might not be surprised to hear, but 2000s fashion is making a booming comeback. From crazy Splat-inspired hair colors to Uggs, a wide range of styles from most of our childhoods are inching their way back into popularity, especially among “alt” communities on TikTok, Instagram, and more. “Y2K” is often how these styles are described, and you can get a gist of this style with a simple search of that description on Pinterest, Depop, or even Google.

For most of you reading, these styles inspire nostalgia and endearment. I know that personally, this aesthetic reminds me of the birthday parties I used to attend at the Libby Lu’s in the mall or the wide variety of bedazzled T-shirts I had in my closet during the late 2000s. In my own life, I have jumped on this bandwagon—digging through my attic back home to find my old collection of CDs and Bratz movies. Along with begging my mom to fork over any old clothes she kept from that time. So, because my opinion is just so important, I am going to rank my favorite 2000s comeback styles.

Disclaimer: I was born in 2003 and I understand a lot of the styles from the 2000s were based heavily on earlier styles, including bleed-over from the grunge and pop of the 90s and the revival of certain 80s staples, however, I am purely focusing on the “Y2K aesthetic” here, and I understand that there are things within this list that are not solely from the 2000s. Just for clarification.


I mean… do I even have to elaborate? Honestly, these are probably my favorite pieces of clothing to help style any outfit. I love wearing just a simple pair of jeans and some converse with a bedazzled top. The top alone carries the whole outfit, as it should. These tops are eye-catching and they come in so many different styles, colors, and aesthetics that almost anyone can fit at least one of these into their wardrobe somewhere. I absolutely love them.


Specifically of the denim variety, these skirts were certainly eye-catchers. They are the perfect bottoms for 2000s inspired outfits, and they pair very well with furry boots and even furry hats. I’m personally not a fan of low-rise jeans, simply because I look better in higher-rise, but if you are a low-rise fan, low-rise miniskirts are a whole new breed of style and fashion that I am absolutely here for!


Leg warmers are the perfect accessory, and I seriously mean that. They add some spice to any outfit and break up a look to give it a bit more flare. Adding a pair of leg warmers on top of some fishnets and platforms makes the look just that much more stylish. Serve that look with confidence, you look great!


These include naval piercings, eyebrow piercings, and various different mouth piercings. I absolutely love that these are finally making a comeback. I love piercings—they are a beautiful way to attract attention to or from a part of you, and they are so fun to accessorize. They are sexy, and can add just that much more pizazz to a look! Mouth piercings as well, from tongue to lip to Medusa piercings, these are so fun and can attract even more attention to already beautiful lips, making them even more enticing and gorgeous!


I am a huge fan of punk: punk style, punk music, punk aesthetic. Punk music and style have been making a huge comeback in the last few years, and everyone is jumping on the trend, from Willow Smith to Doja Cat. I love this style of music and I love the style, so I am a big fan of this revival. A special shoutout to Maggie Lindemann, who is serving punk rock music and style and is constantly killing it!


This music is superior. Absolutely top-tier. From Pitbull to Jason Derulo, the club music of the 2000s cannot be beat. I appreciate that this music is not only rhythmically catchy with lyrics that get caught in a loop in your head for days on end, but also that it now holds a level of deep nostalgia that makes it even better. If you go out to a party or club and they play Hot in Herre by Nelly, everyone knows the words and the beat. It makes dancing more fun and life more carefree.


Though these have never really gone out of style, they are a staple within the Y2K aesthetic, and it’s the style of them that really separates the 2000s from any other era in terms of these icons. From bedazzled butterflies and dragonflies to the “fairy core” (or otherwise known as “tribal” style) designs frequently seen in Y2K-style tattoos, these insects are a staple of the current revival of 2000s style.


With the immense popularity of these books in the mid-to-late-2000s, as well as the cinematic release of the first Twilight movie in 2008, the Twilight grunge fairy aesthetic was infiltrated into multiple facets of 2000s style, and you won’t hear me complaining! The iconic blue-hue of the movie, coupled with unforgettable music choices, such as Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole, made this an instant 2000s staple. Along with this came an obsession with Robert Pattinson, justifiably so, and that is perfectly mirrored today, especially with the release of the newest The Batman movie. The Twilight series was also recently put on Netflix, resparking the world’s obsession and further spurring this Y2K look. 


Designs bedazzled onto the pockets of jeans will forever be a famous Y2K style and it is thriving today. Brands like Miss Me and Rock Revival capitalize on this popularity, selling decorated jeans that can only be described as “pulled straight out of a 20-something-year-old’s closet in 2006.” They’re a perfect accessory to match with bedazzled tops. You’ll be glowing and shimmering from every angle!


Ah, the lasting imprint of Juicy Couture. Two-piece velour track sets were all the rage then, and are all the rage now. Ranging from cheetah-print to flaming pink, these tracksuits are emblematic of the 2000s culture and fashion. Bonus points if the butt of your velour pants had Juicy Couture bedazzled onto it.


I love collecting music, whether that’s vinyl, cassettes, or CDs, and I’m so glad that CD collections are finally here to stay. For me, this is super beneficial since I am a DJ for a local radio station. I have to buy songs before I can play them on the station, and buying a CD is a way to have a physical copy of the music making my job easier. I also love that I can now sift through my old CDs from when I was a lot younger and play songs that hold me in a chokehold of nostalgia.


These hats are great additions to many outfits. But there is also a fine line between looking like you styled a great throwback piece and looking like you couldn’t find anything better to hide unwashed hair. These hats have to be carefully picked out and placed with the right outfit to truly be reminiscent of Y2K Paris Hilton style. Once again, bonus points if the hat is Von Dutch.

Special mentions

Frosty lip gloss, hair feathers/tinsel and wraps, lower back tattoos (aka “tramp stamps,” but I hate that name), and mood rings.

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