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My Love Letter to NOLA

A Love Letter to the City That Stole My Heart


Dear NOLA,

As my final days in the Big Easy are approaching, I find that despite the intense desire to give academics a rest for a few months and relaaaxxxx, each box packed makes me a little bit sadder. It’s almost funny to think about this time last year- an almost graduated high school senior anxiously awaiting to board a plane to New Orleans; a new city full of places and people I had yet to know. Although I was nervous, I just somehow knew that New Orleans was going to be the place for me. And I was so right.

So thank you New Orleans, for giving me the most amazing and insane 9 months of my life! Thank you for exposing me to a foreign culture so vibrant and so radiant that I want to make it my own. Thank you for teaching me that it’s ok- no, that it’s necessary to indulge in the good things in life. You should dance in the streets during a parade or spend the day listening to phenomenal music; you are the only city I know of that uses the word “season” to describe festivals (10 out of 10 music, food, and outfits) instead of the weather. Thank you for your food...I don’t think I really need to elaborate. Thank you for giving me some of the greatest friends that I could ever imagine having, and thanks for having eccentrically awesome places for my friends and I to hang out. Thank you for lending yourself to my growth- although your hardships are evident to every visitor that crosses paths with you, what’s more evident is your intense and unwavering strength. I hope I can embody your exuberance for life in my day to day activities.

These 4 (ish) months apart are going to be hard for me (I know you’ll miss me too, no need to say it) but I look forward to getting on the plane that will take me to you again soon.

Much Love,



Modern-Day Buddha.
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