My Five New Fabulous Friends

In addition to spending time with my family over this past Thanksgiving break, I also spent the week with my five new friends: Karamo, Antoni, Bobby, Jonathan and Tan. If you don’t recognize these five names, I’m referring to the stars of the hottest new show on Netflix called Queer Eye.


Queer Eye is a 2018 TV series that features five men who are experts in a variety of fields. Their specialties include culture, cooking, home decorating, grooming, and fashion. They’ve become experts in these fields after years of experience and education. During each episode, the five men lend their expertise by helping others reshape their lives. This lifestyle transformation taps into many emotions. In each episode I found myself laughing and crying. It has become an instant favorite in my house. Finally, a show my entire family enjoys together!


The “Fab 5” as they have come to be known, travel to different places throughout rural Atlanta, Georgia with a mission to help transform people's lives. Some who have forgotten to take care of themselves while taking care of others. Some who need lifestyle tips. Some who have had curveballs thrown at them and need a way to get back on their feet. There is no criteria for the subjects who are nominated by their peers or family members. They all come from diverse backgrounds  and their lives are explored thoroughly. This TV show truly makes the viewer feel like they’re experiencing this inspiring makeover as it progresses.


Each episode begins with an introduction to the candidate, their background, hometown and why they were nominated. Some of the individuals featured have ranged from retired policemen to self proclaimed rednecks, average dads, young teenagers, and even a mom. The 5 men explore the individuals’ homes and lifestyles by conversing with them, learning more about them and establishing early connections to encourage them to open up about themselves. By the end of the week, the transformation from someone who is insecure or someone too busy to take time for themselves to a more confident person is clearly evident.


What’s unique is that the 5 inspiring young gentlemen who star in each episode are gay. Some have felt abandoned by their families and churches. They have become role models for so many by spreading the importance of empathy and love. The one episode that truly moved me was watching a self-proclaimed redneck policeman realize that he had so much in common with Karamo and admitted "we would have been friends in high school." It was also very powerful as they discussed the tension between the police and the African-American community. Both were able to understand and respect each other.


These five men teach our society the importance of finding the common ground by opening up to others, not passing judgment on anyone and not being afraid to be your true self. I’m looking forward to many more adventures and many more beautiful moments with my five fabulous new friends!