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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.


Any career-development class or professional club has likely already drilled this into your head. LinkedIn is a MUST! It is a super accessible networking tool and is a game-changer for the internship search. 


What do college kids hate more than they love free food? Spending money! Venmo is an easy way to split bills without dealing with messy cash, and it links directly to a bank account. 


Pics or it didn’t happen! Facebook is the go-to college platform for posting group selfies from the night before. Just be careful about distant relatives commenting on your going out clothes. 


That irritating group project: solved! GroupMe was basically made for semi-awkward group texts with acquaintances.


Streamline your coffee experience and collect points towards free goodies! This app even lets you cut the line. 


Still about the pics. Both traditional squeaky clean posts and more questionable finstas are half the fun of college. 


How else are you going to make the perfect pregame playlist? Student prices are a major bonus. 


For when you’re feeling ~fancy~ and dining hall food just isn’t cutting it. Lots of local restaurants will deliver right to your dorm. Pro-tip: sign up with different emails for free delivery. 


Keep your streaks with high school and camp friends alive, and catch up on all the ridiculous stories! Peep the random cute puppies on the quad and silly things your friend’s friend’s friend said. 


All that college-ing can be exhausting. For coming back from a night out, to a real restaurant, or to your spa splurge. 

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