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Me, My Valentine :)

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The V-Day Blues

February: the time when society tells us to eat heart-shaped chocolate, wear red, and feel shame for being single. Especially after the winter holidays, it can be easy to overlook self-care and appreciation.

This year though, I challenge you to redefine what this classic holiday means and embrace self love.

Below are a few ways to shake “the V-Day blues”…

A Night in to Remember

When was the last time you specifically planned a self care night? Get out your favorite face mask, must-watch movie, and an ideal late night snack.

Some “night in” must haves include but are not limited to:

  • PJ’s and a warm robe
  • A beverage of your choice (hot tea, hot chocolate, wine?)
  • Face Mask
  • Nail polish
  • Dessert/late night snack
  • Favorite streaming service to watch your guilty pleasure movie or TV show
  • Hot bubble bath

Want some company? Invite a couple friends to join you. A night of relaxation is the perfect activity to recharge your social and work batteries.

“treat yo’ self Day”

Click on the link above to watch the Parks and Rec definition of “Treat Yo’ Self” :)

Have you been dying to get your nails done recently but just haven’t had time? Channel your inner Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle and “treat yo’ self” to that manicure! Sometimes, we can forget that we are in the driver’s seat of our life, which is why scheduling a day to check an item off your bucket list can feel empowering!

“Treat yo’ self day” is all about understanding and appreciating your self-worth. So, don’t ignore your dreams, goals, or desires because you have the power to reach them!

Nurture Yourlsef in Nature

The outdoors is one of the most healing places I know! But with work, school, friends, and other commitments, setting aside time to go outside is hard. However, spending time in a natural environment can bring peace, mindfulness, and self-appreciation. So, brave the cold in your winter coat. Put on your tennis shoes, and go on a walk in a park or hiking trail. I promise the outdoors will reset your mind.

Not sure where a hike or walking trail is? Download the app Alltrails to find a hiking trail near you! The Alltrails app displays the difficulty level, the hike distance, and directions to the trailhead, which is perfect for a low-stress day in nature.

peace, Love, & Self Care

Long story short, Valentine’s Day 2022 should be about you! If my list of activities wasn’t appealing, create your own short list of what you want to do to appreciate yourself. Know you are loved this Valentine’s Day and everyday.

For Tulane students in need of support this Valentine’s Day, some confidential resources are:

To access Tulane’s private resources, please visit:

For anonymous support, visit:

For people looking for off campus support in the New Orleans area, some resources are:

Campbell Ray

Tulane '25

Campbell is a freshman at Tulane University interested in studying Business and Political Economy. When not in class, Campbell loves running, rock climbing, and singing Taylor Swift!