Matcha is the New Coffee

There’s PJ’s, Starbucks, Mojo, CC’s, and many more places for coffee drinkers to get their fix in NOLA. For people like myself who don’t love coffee, the options are more limited. Thankfully, there are more and more trendy ways to caffeinate every year. My personal favorite is matcha.


This Japanese drink comes from specially harvested and ground up green tea leaves. It has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but the energy lasts longer and doesn’t end with a crash. Plus, its natural faint sweetness makes it tastes much better, in my opinion. It can be made hot or iced, and it doesn’t require the struggle of infusing leaves in regular tea. The aesthetically pleasing, bright green final product doesn’t hurt either.


So, you’re probably now wondering how to get your hands on some matcha. If you don’t feel like making it yourself, there are a few ways to try it. Most coffee shops that serve tea offer some version of the drink. At Starbucks, order a matcha green tea latte, hot or iced, or a matcha lemonade. If you want to stay on campus, PJ’s has a green tea latte and a green tea velvet ice.


If you’re up to the task of making it yourself, it couldn’t be much easier. Here is how I make mine every morning:


Amazon has lots of good options for matcha powder. My favorite is First Grade Ceremonial Japanese Matcha for a splurge, because of the slightly sweet taste and adorable container. If I’m looking to save money, Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder is also a safe bet.


I put a spoonful of powder in my tumbler, add a few drops of water, and mix it up until it forms a paste. Then, I’ll take my cup with me to Bruff and fill the rest up with almond or coconut milk. Finally, I’ll stir in some honey to taste and add a few ice cubes for my walk to class. 


Next time you’re tired of your daily cup of coffee, try out one of these ways to enjoy matcha. You might be pleasantly surprised and find yourself jumping on the bandwagon too!