Makeup Hacks for NOLA Weather

When I came from Illinois to Tulane, no warning could prepare me for the crazy climate of New Orleans. If you ever wear makeup, you probably know the struggle. I had to figure out how to adjust my routine so that my makeup wouldn’t sweat off my face the second I step outside. After some trial and error, here are my foolproof tips to keep your makeup looking perfect even on the most humid days.


The problem: Makeup doesn’t last the whole day

The fix: Primer


It’s easy to skip out on some makeup products when you’re on a college student’s budget. I never used primers in the past, but I’ve found that they really make a difference. With a primer, I never have trouble making my makeup last all day and night. I use an eyeshadow primer and a face primer in my daily routine.


The problem: Oily nose

The fix: Glitter primer


Even with primer, my foundation never fails to slide off my t-zone by the end of the night. I use a primer meant for applying glitter eyeshadow on my nose if it’s an extra humid day. It helps the foundation stick to my face better, even if I sweat.


The problem: Running makeup

The fix: Waterproof everything


In NOLA, the weather can change from a beautiful sunny day to a torrential downpour in a matter of minutes. It’s hard to be fully prepared for this situation, but having waterproof makeup helps. I like to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara so that I don’t have to worry about looking like a racoon after getting caught in the rain.


The problem: Cakey-looking makeup

The fix: Dewy products


It might make sense to buy matte products to combat the humidity, but that’s not the case. The humidity can cause matte foundation to crease and look cakey, so it’s best not to try to fight the weather. Opt for a dewy version instead for a natural glow.


After implementing these changes into my makeup routine, my makeup doesn’t budge, even on the craziest, rainiest, most humid NOLA days. Living in a tropical climate shouldn’t affect your decision to wear makeup, and thanks to these fixes it won’t!