Ma Vie en Paris

Bonjour, Her Campus readers! I am writing this post all the way from la Ville-Lumière, or the City of Light, where I am spending the semester abroad. Most who read my work may be used to my updates on celebrity trends. While in Paris, however, I will be focusing on my current experiences and escapades (and perhaps a famous person here or there).

Paris certainly has an abundance of celebrities that roll through town—most recently for Paris Fashion Week. While drinking chocolat chaud with my mom at Plaza Athenée, we spotted Emma Stone. She just so happened to be returning to her hotel from the Louis Vuitton show. I was not able to snap a photo, but can attest that she is as sweet and stunning in real life as she appears in the tabloids.

Along with celebrity sightings, I have been doing many of my favorite activities here. From spending quiet time in the famous Shakespeare & Co.—where the likes of Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce frequented, to name a few—to days spent lounging in the Jardin du Luxembourg—which includes a palace built for Marie de Medicis —I continually find myself amazed by how much history is packed into this city. 


I have had many visitors thus far—I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit Paris?—and I take all of them to Place de la Concorde. Standing in this major public square, with views of the Eiffel Tower, Tuileries, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Invalides, and more—one truly feels in the center of Paris, and in my opinion, the world. The immensely old Luxor Obelisk is placed in the center. To put things in perspective, this current traffic circle is where Marie Antoinette was killed at the guillotine.


While I truly enjoy Paris’ splendor, I have also made the effort to travel outside of the city and around Europe. Thus far, I have made visits to various areas of France, including the regions of Normandy (the north) and Provence (the south)—to Giverny to see Monet’s famous home and gardens, and to Avignon to visit the ancient walled city, respectively. Only a half hour train ride, I have visited Versailles twice now. The first time was spent within the Palace and the second, exploring the vast gardens. My only trip thus far outside of France was to celebrate Germany’s Oktoberfest. I sign off with a photo of me with Her Campus Brittany reunited in Munich at the event. À bientôt!