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Lizzie Wright, Senior VP of Recruitment on Tulane’s Panhellenic Council

2012 Recruitment will be starting before we know it, so make sure to learn a few things from one of the girls who knows best, Lizzie Wright, Senior VP of Recruitment on Tulane’s Panhellenic Council and our Campus Celebrity this week.
Hometown: Chicago

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Management and legal studies and a minor in public health

What is your position on the Panhellenic Council and what does this entitle?  I am currently Senior VP of Recruitment.  I applied sophomore year and started of as assistant VP.  I got this position through a paper application, interview, and then voting.  Some of the things my position entitles includes reaching out to freshman, coordinating events with different houses, working on budgets, renting out places for potential new members events, setting dates, and working with the administration.   I specifically focus on communication with recruitment counselors and chairs of each chapters, and holding info sessions before recruitment to make sure everyone is on the same page with rules and regulations. 
What is the best part of being Senior VP of Recruitment?
I’ve been able to meet so many people from all different houses, administrators, and teachers.   

What do you think is the most important thing for freshman girls to consider when choosing a sorority to rush? 
You need to make the decision that makes the most sense for you.  As cheesy as it may sound, all seven houses have a lot to offer.  Go with your gut, and don’t be influenced by others. 

Rush can be a stressful, intimidating, and tiring time.  What is your best advice for freshman girls that will soon go through the process?
Get a lot of sleep, drink a lot of water, eat your meals, try not to stress, and have fun with it!

If for some reason something doesn’t exactly match up and girls don’t get their “first choice,” what’s your advice for dealing with this? 
Take a step back, and think about it.  The girls that chose you say something in you that is important to them.  More than not, everyone ends up happy even if the house they were put in wasn’t their first choice. 

What do you think about the negative images/ideas some people have about Greek life?
People need to remember that it is a student organization like anything else.  Stigmas are attached to everything.  Even if its not for you, it is important aspect of life for a lot of people at Tulane.  On the flip side, the Greek system should respect you if you chose not to play a part. 

If you could do one thing to improve Greek life at Tulane in some way, what would it be?
Find ways to educate people that aren’t in Greek system about all of the good things, such as philanthropy, that Greeks do.  When one bad things happens, we tend to focus on this, but I wish we could better play up the unity that we have because we all work together. 

What else are you involved in around campus?
This is definitely my main thing, but I also do Habitat for Humanity, along with volunteering in low-income schools.  In addition, I serve on chapter council.

What is your favorite place to eat in Nola?
Cheap: Dat Dag (5031 Freret Street), Expensive=GW Fins (808 Bienville Street), I love the lobster dumplings!

What about your favorite place to shop?
The boutiques on Maple and Magazine streets

What comes to mind when you think about Tulane?
I think of the perfect integration between a campus and a city. 
If you’re thinking about rushing, early registration ends December 2nd and after that, registration is available until January 16th with a late fee.

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