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Kyle Cavan: An Emerging Collegiate Jewelry Brand

The Kyle Cavan Collegiate Collection officially launched this Fall, 2015. The collection consists of four pieces for each university, a signature bracelet, iconic bangle, shield pendant, and shield cufflinks. Each inspired by familiar crests, iconic structures, and the timeless beauty found in the architecture of prestigious academic institutions. All pieces are designed, developed and manufactured in New York, N.Y. As an emerging collegiate jewelry brand Kyle Cavan bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewelry and can serve as a modern substitute for the class ring. Kyle Cavan aims to help you tell your story through their collection of contemporary jewelry pieces that endure time. 

"We are offering more than a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a way to wear a memory and a reminder of sorts of the lasting imprint that college experience has for decades to come" - Kyle Walotsky, Founder & Designer


The Tulane University Collection was inspired by the connection between the Tulane Community and New Orleans. Each piece represents not only your time spent at Tulane, but your time spent in the city of New Orleans. A unique and beautiful experience exemplified through this unique collection. 

Signature Bracelet 

This seal symbalizes not only the university founder, Paul Tulane, but also the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. 

Iconic Bangle 

Gibson Hall, as home to the admissions office, represents the starting point for Tulane students.  

Shield Pendant 


Inspired by architectural details found around campus, the overlapping "TU" is a symbol most students see daily. 

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