It's Never Tulane for a New Beginning

Adjusting to a new beginning can be difficult. Whether it’s starting your first job, traveling to a new location, or starting college, changes can be scary. It’s how we approach change that can define us.

Starting freshman year of college is an important and exciting milestone in life, yet for many people, it can be extremely nerve wracking. College puts a huge responsibility on students; we must learn to live on our own, without constant guidance from our parents and peers around us.

I remember so vividly during the day of move-in, August 21st, I spontaneously just broke down. Call it sadness or call it stress. I was just so overwhelmed. I had no clue where any of my classes were, how my teachers would be, if I’d find friends, and what this whole “college life” would consist of. My parents and older siblings tried to make me feel better by telling me how normal this feeling was and how in no time I’d feel perfectly adjusted.

We said our goodbyes in front of the book store. My family hugged me tightly. Or maybe I was the one hugging them tightly. We all had tears streaming down our faces. But the tears weren’t from sadness or stress. We were all overcome with emotion and excitement about what we all knew was going to be the greatest experience of my life.

They left and I walked back to my dorm, which was decorated by my whole family after a weekend’s work. I looked around and thought, “My life will never be the same. I’ve waited for this moment my whole life and here it is.” I no longer would have my parents wake me up for classes, remind me to submit my assignments on time, make sure I was eating right, or ask whether I was getting along with my friends.

After move-in, I started to meet new friends and introduce myself to familiar faces. I walked through my class schedule with my roommate and some other friends and started to feel more comfortable and at home. I also started to organize my dorm room in a fashion that felt neat, organized and “homey.”

Now two months into my freshman year, I can easily say it’s been a journey. I’m taking classes in the business school with an undecided major. I’ve learned it’s very common to not know what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. It’s okay.

Navigating the first few months as a freshman are not easy. These immediate feelings of insecurity and anxiety are so normal and almost all first year college students experience these emotions. Since that tumultuous first weekend, I have truly started to feel at home and have confirmed what I already knew: that Tulane was most definitely the place for me. Here are some tips that my older, college-graduated, siblings gave me and that I would like to pass on to you:


1. Don’t forget that your family is just a phone call home away for guidance and reassurance -- I use this plenty!


2. Be friendly and receptive to everyone -- I’ve already found some of my best friends here by always being friendly and just being myself!


3. Learn how to manage time -- Buy a planner like I did, it’s such a helpful reference when looking at your busy schedule with important dates and tests to remember!

4. Get involved -- I’ve already participated in many community services such as Outreach and Beignet Fest and attended many lectures from professional speakers!




5.  Introduce yourself to your professors -- I’ve already created such a bond with my economics teacher who I shared an amazing lunch with in Bruff last week!


6.    And finally, study hard and give it your all, but don’t forget to make time for friends and hobbies.