The Importance of Music in New Orleans

Since being at Tulane, I’ve found it increasingly important to step out of my comfort zone.  Coming from Los Angeles, I was always used to trying new things, but ever since moving to a new location, I’ve found solace in the few things that felt constant in my life.  As the second semester takes off, however, I am beginning to realize what I find important as a member of both the Tulane and the New Orleans community—one of those being music.

This city is so rich with new and undiscovered musical opportunities, both on and off campus.  Throughout my time at Tulane, I have made it my personal goal to listen to more and more music by students and by local artists.  Music is such an integral part of the community here in New Orleans and can give students an incredible insight into what it’s like to live here without being a student.  For example, by listening to native New Orleans bands like Video Age, I can begin to understand the musical inclinations of the city.  There is so much beyond the traditional jazz you could hear at venues such as Preservation Hall.  All you need to do is venture outside of your comfort zone, do a little research, and go with the flow!

Music venues are also unbelievably easy to access all around the city, as well as those locations right here on Tulane’s campus (shout out to LBC Pocket Park).  Some of these include Siberia, Tipitina’s, and the Republic.  My one piece of advice is to just go on these venues’ websites, see the line ups for events coming up, and mark your calendars for something at least once every couple of months.  Music is such a unique part of New Orleans culture and can only help you to fully immerse yourself in the vibes and energy of the city.  So, go ahead, and book some tickets to the newest small bands around the city!