The Grub On How I Started My Own Food Podcast

What is she thinking about in class? Probably my next meal. Ever since I could remember, I have always had an infatuation with food. It’s the first thing on my mind every morning and last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. What I love about food most is not the cheese pull, egg yolk drip or chocolate drizzle, but the conversation that stimulates around it. My best friend and I talk about food as though we’re judges on the Food Network’s Chopped: analyzing each bite as if we’re being paid to do so. We went to high school together in New York and now college in New Orleans so she really is the peanut butter to my jelly. Over the years we’ve tried a plethora of restaurants, arranged many food tours and even made some creations of our own. We realized that we had quite an audience with people texting us about our food social media postings asking for more details. They asked, we listened and decided to make a Podcast.

Essentially, a Podcast is a digital audio blog. It’s an MP3 file that’s uploaded to a channel for listening on the Podcast application. The first step to starting a Podcast is creating the MP3 file. So, we bought a microphone, plugged it into my laptop and recorded it on GarageBand. We wrote out a script prior to recording, so we had a file in no time. However, after listening to it we realized how scripted it sounded. People want to listen to our Podcast to be a part of a conversation, not an audio book. So, we decided to do it improve style. This made for a more colloquial and casual vibe that we were going for.

I then discovered a website called BuzzSproutwhich is a one stop shop for posting and publishing a MP3 to iTunes. This was extremely helpful considering our amount of coding experience equates to the amount of ice cream left in the pint 10 minutes after we open it: none. Then it was time to come up with a name and icon. The title, The Grub covers our podcast like rainbow sprinkles cover an ice cream cone: perfectly. The Podcast is our opinion and inside scoop on all things food. We discuss different food fads, restaurants and bring in guest interviewees. The icon is a microphone with a scoop of ice cream on top to tie it all together.

Then we created an Instagram page for our Podcast as way to keep in touch with out listeners. We post the links to the Podcast, announce when they’re being posted and of course post funny memes. There’s also a highlights section to see some of the pictures of the food that we talk about on the Podcast. We post Instagram stories saying the topic of our upcoming Podcast and ask what questions people want answered. The Instagram page is an effective asset in advertising the Podcast.

So that’s the Grub for today. Stay hungry, and stay tuned for our next Podcast. Make sure to subscribe and DM us on Instagram @The_Grub_ for any topic ideas, feedback or questions.