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Going for Froyo As Told by Friends

Going for Froyo As Told by Friends:


1. Just got a text from my roommates…they want to go to froyo. I’m not not hungry. Ugh whatever, I’ll just go…I don’t feel like doing homework.

2. Wow. It smells really good. Is that freshly baked waffle cups?

3. Wait. I know everyone in here….

4. Ugh now I kind of want some froyo. Ok fine! So I’ll just have some samples and not actually get any. I’m totally beating the system here.


5. 0o0o0oh I wonder what Cake Batter tastes like! What about French Vanilla? But there’s also Madagascar Vanilla – what’s the difference…Could there BE any more flavors?

6. Ok, now that I sampled every flavor (twice) …. maybe I’ll just get a small amount of tart – because it’s healthy. YES! Doing things right. 

7. Well since I was healthy with the tart, adding in some chocolate froyo will be fine. Just a litttttlllleee bit though so I need to maneuver the handle ever so gently…

8. Alright, so it’s a little more than I wanted. But the froyo just comes out so quickly! Definitely not my fault.

9. Topping time. I really shouldn’t, but let’s face it, I’m going to anyways.

10. Wow, her froyo looks like reeeaaalllllly good – like she should definitely Instagram that masterpiece. Ok fine, I’ll only put 1 piece of cookie dough.

11. So I just ate the cookie dough. That means I get to put some chocolate chips on it, because technically there’s just fruit, because if you eat the toppings before you paid, did you really get the toping at all…right?

12. Ugh I didn’t expect them to have those frosted animal crackers. I love those things. I’ll only get…5.

13. Hmmm what else? Maybe some sprinkles? Chocolate or Rainbow? Ugh I shouldn’t but whatever.

14. I’ll just put a little bit of rainbow sprinkles.

15. Well…I poured more sprinkles in my cup than there is yogurt sooo…I’m not sure how this happened.

16. Time to pay. Unsure why I got froyo in the first place, but there is no turning back now.


18. Cash. Definitely paying cash. There can be no paper trail of my most expensive froyo to date.

19. I’m really unsure how this situation escalated so quickly. I thought I told myself I was just coming along for the ride.

20. YES! Scored a seat on the couch! Time to inhale my $8.39 yogurt.

21. My friend just asked to try a bite. Is she kidding…..

22. **4 minutes later**

23. WOW. My stomach hurts.

24. Never coming here again.

25. *Two days later* “Hey guys, wanna go get froyo?”  

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