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Gillian Bayer ’17

Year: 2017

Hometown: Miami, Florida 

Major: Marketing and Political Science with a minor in Jewish Studies  

Relationship Status: Single

What are you involved in on campus?

TIPAC (Tulane Israel Public Affairs Committee), PR and marketing for Spoon University, Tulane Jewish Leader, and I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. 

Any fun/exciting summer plans?

I’m going to work at the tennis club I worked at last summer. I love my job!

What would your ideal date be?

All I would say is location is not as important as food. 

If you were a pizza topping, which one would you be?

Vegetables – i.e. spinach or sundried tomatoes 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Buzzfeed quizzes

On a scale of 1-Pitbull how Miami would you say you are?

Mr. Worldwide


If you could…

Go on a date with anyone: Zedd

Go back anywhere in time, where would you go: To the Hilary Duff concert that my mom wouldn’t let me go to when I was in 3rd grade. Or Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s wedding. 

Be a Disney princess who would you be: The Little Mermaid 

Had a movie about your life who would play you: Tina Fey 



Food: Pizza

TV Show: Desparate Housewives, House of Cards, Revenge 

Movie: Frozen

Thing about Tulane: Romantic cheese fries dates at F&Ms with my friends. 

Bruff Worker: Oz, he’s a homie. 

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