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Gaga Delivers

Let me set the scene for you. My friends and I at Dat Dog, huddled around a small table covered in a variety of fries, and hot dogs of every shape and flavor. Drinks in hand, we had been diligintly watching the game; the real excitement for the non affliate team viewers, though, was Lady Gaga's half time performance. 

And boy, did she deliver! 

As soon as I saw her on the roof of the stadium, I knew she was going to jump. We all started yelling in excietement, and BOOM she catapulted herself into the night. Colorful drones lit the backdrop and I couldn't hold back the grin on my face. Gaga, Queen of Pop, has done it once more. 

Despite a few funny memes (check it out below), there have been no negative comments about her killer performance (duhhhh). I just hope she can continue staying a positive influence for all those who love her. Rock on, Gaga. 

Modern-Day Buddha.
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