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Fun Costumes for Halloween 2022

Halloween is arguably one of the best days of the year for college students. However, the stress of finding a costume, or perhaps multiple, can be difficult. This is why I’m listing some costumes that you can rock for Halloween 2022 whether it be solo, with your friends, or with your significant other!

For the BFF Duo


A classic yet timeless duo you can put your own spin on is Blair and Serena from Gossip girl. Grab an old-school uniform skirt and pair it with each character’s iconic accessories. For Blair you will need to achieve the vibe of preppy, so think headbands and pearls! For Serena, a casually undone necktie with some messy hair will do the trick. You can make this costume your own with knee-high socks and heels if you so wish!

For the Iconic Girl Group

The Disney princess group costume is a trend we have seen done before by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and her girl group! This gives everyone in your group a chance to express themselves individually yet look amazing together in pictures. Many websites sell already-made princess costumes, but it’s super easy to go the DIY route which will allow you to re-wear some of the pieces in the future! You can even add in some of the princes and other fairytale characters if you have a larger group that wants to participate!

For the cutest couple

Any duo costume would work really well, but Barbie and Ken will for sure be popular in 2022 with the new movie on the horizon! You can go so many directions with it, but 80’s workout Barbie and ken will always be iconic. Neon bodysuits, leg warmers, and matching accessories will make this fun costume stand out and look great on Halloweekend!

Solo Moments

In the realm of angel and devil simple yet cute, this one is perfect for someone who is looking to go bold and unique this Halloween. While cupid is becoming a popular Halloween costume choice, it still is far from being overdone. You have the freedom to wear a sparkly red dress or red matching set and pair it with a red boa and wings. In my opinion, most of the outfits can be re-worn, so they won’t go to waste in the back of your closet. Don’t forget the bow and fun heart headpiece that adds to the costume’s fun!

Annabelle Tomczyk is a freshman at Tulane University studying communications. When she is not doing school work she can be found at the gym, exploring New Orleans, or trying new and delicious restaurants around the city.
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