Fresh Answers to "What are you thankful for?"

     “This season, what are you thankful for?” Every day that we get closer to Thanksgiving, we hear this question being asked with a higher and higher frequency. And while the typical answers such as family, life, and love are just as valid, there’s a million and one things on Tulane’s campus and in this world to give thanks for year round. So here I’ve compiled some things that you may not think to thank this holiday season.

1. Sodexo

        The Sodexo workers don’t receive near the amount of appreciation that they deserve- that’s a fact. Their consistent hard work is evident all across campus, from Monroe to Howie T, from the omelette in the morning to the City Diner pancake that was ordered only hours before. Next time Evangeline swipes your splash card into Bruff or Lynell checks you out in the LBC, take the time to express appreciation to the people that make our lives at Tulane as enjoyable as they are.


2. New Orleans Elected its First Female Mayor

        On Saturday, the people of New Orleans elected their next mayor: Latoya Cantrell. By defeating candidate Desiree Charbonnet in a runoff election, Cantrell made history as the first woman to claim the title of mayor of New Orleans, which is a breakthrough in female representation. So obviously, be thankful we live in a country where people have the freedom to vote, but more so be thankful that these people are finally catching up on the fact that the future is female. Girl power. 

3. New Music!

       The past few weeks have seen incredible releases by acclaimed pop stars and mind-blowing debuts by new artists on the scene. Taylor Swift’s dynamic new album reputation racked in 1.28 million pure album sales. For anyone doubting the legitimacy of this album and wanting to write her off, give tracks 4 and 15 a listen and get back to me.

      Outside of the pop world, Weezer released Pacific Daydream, and (give this one a chance, I promise) Jaden Smith dropped SYRE, a collection of infectious beats and enticing lyrics that are tied together with intricately layered rock-infused ballads. These three projects alone will give you enough new music to obsess over, but also check out new albums from Sam Smith, Kelsea Ballerini, and Tove Lo. And in case you forgot, it’s about time for Mariah Carey to start climbing back up the charts.

4. Wall’s Open Mic Night

       The Wall/Patterson community gave residents a chance to show off some ridiculous talent last week during the first open mic night in Wall’s courtyard. The balconies of all five floors were packed to hear the soulful song covers, heartfelt acoustic ballads, and electrifying guitar solos. “I only expected to stay for a few acts, but I ended up watching everyone- the talent was amazing and I had a great time,” said Wall 5 resident, Ava Godsy. Thanks to the community government for planning such a successful night that brought the halls together!

Photo Credit: Omar Shbeeb

5. Dance Marathon raised $34,973.94

       Instead of dancing in The Boot, Tulane students danced their way into some incredible philanthropy during the annual Dance Marathon. 289 people participated to raise over $30,000 to directly benefit to the Children’s Hospital New Orleans. Proceeds benefited the treatments of 16,000 kids with trauma, 2,329 kids for surgeries, and 2,218 kids for cancer. #FTK!

6. T-84 days till Mardi Gras

       This one speaks for itself. ‘Tis (almost) the season!


As always, remember to thank all of your close friends and family members. However, take the time to thank someone out of the ordinary- like your RA, Uber driver, or the security guards. Spread the love and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!