Finals Week as Told by "Saturday Night Live"

Suddenly classes are over and finals are upon us.

First, you realize how much work you have and begin to get overwhelmed. 

Then you realize that finals means it's almost vacation.

So you decide that maybe you should get yourself together.

But not until after you think of all the fun plans you can fit in before you actually need to start studying.

So you spend those last few nights going crazy with your friends.

Until you realize that exams are only days away.

You try to keep telling yourself that everything will be OK.

And so now you are living in the library, in sweats, with minimal sleep. 

But no matter how hard you try, procrastination still gets the best of you.

And then, when your friend who is done with finals tries to talk to you...

So now your exam is tomorrow and you think you can handle it.

But then, when you walk into your exam and look at the test, nothing makes sense. 

Because no matter how much you study there are still those questions that make you feel like the professor was out to get you.

Finally, it's over and you go to hand in your test but really, this is what you want to do:

But you know you can keep it together for at least a few more seconds and walk out not caring how you did just happy to be finished. 

By the time you reach your last final you are feeling both physically and emotionally drained. 

But then, when it is all finally over you feel alive once again. 

Because in the end, you survived finals week.

And maybe finals made you feel a little crazy.

But now that they are over you can do what you really want to do...