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Fall Fashion: Looks to Look Out For

HAYYY ladies! As fall is in full swing (although that NOLA 95 degree weather makes it feel like bikini szn 24/7), here are a few different color palettes, outerwear, and accessories to make your fall outfits everything you could ever want and more. Keep yourself warm- cup your latte tight and don’t forget your sunglasses! Your fall break apple-picking experience will be nothing without these fashion necessities. 

Colors to look out for: Anything maroon, army green, mustard yellow, or coco. If the leaves outside can obtain a color, it’s a definite yes. 

The classic leather jacket- Honestly, I crave fall for the simple fact that the leather jacket can come out of its hiding place in the back of my closet. There is no other outerwear- I’m convinced- that pulls an outfit together more than a good leather jacket can. 

Zara, $69.50+  

“Off the shoulder” blouses- Channel your inner Jackie from That 70’s Show and flaunt your collar bones! New York Fashion Week heavily showcased this look a few weeks ago- models rocked outfits featuring all different styles of this trend, ranging from cute crop tops to heavy knit sweaters. Pair this sexy trend with a cute scarf  (gotta keep the neck warm!) and a pair of semi slouchy jeans… and you’re ready for the library or Thanksgiving dinner with the fam! 

Urban Outfitters, Free People, $46.00+ 

Cuttoff jean skirt- These are making a total comeback! Sending mad ~respect and love~ to the 90s and early 2000s; if it’s too cold out to bare-leg it, a cute pair of patterend tights and booties will be perfect too. This look would go greattttt with a chunky necklace and a leather jacket (see above). 

Oversized flannel- You may be saying to yourself, “Everyone wears flannels, why did this make the list?” And that’s a valid question… but I have to say two things in response. 1) I’m absolutley convinced that flannels will never go out of style. Like ever. 2) One of my favorite things to do is buy flannels from thrift stores. They’re alredy worn in, a little bit too big, and go perfectly with a plain t-shirt dress and tights. Rock a sloppy bun and wrap your thrifted $3 flannel a litle bit closer! And if thrifting just isn’t your thing, your boyfriends flannel will also do the trick. ;) 

Modern-Day Buddha.
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