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Everything You Need to Know About The Next Royal Engagement

As Prince Harry, son of the beloved Princess Diana, announced his engagement this week, hearts around the world were crushed including my own. It is every girl's wish to one day marry into the royal family, and fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a princess. Sadly for me, Prince Harry chose Meghan Markle, Suits television star, to become his wife. However, now that I have accepted the fact that I will need to search out a different destiny, I am beaming with excitement, at the chance to witness another royal wedding perhaps as iconic as that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Here I have a list of knowledge in regards to Prince Harry’s wedding for everyone as obsessed with royalty as I am.

1. According to several reports, the newly engaged couple met through mutual connections: a wife of one of Prince Harry’s friends from school. The mutual friend to have connected the pair is supposedly fashion designer Misha Nonoo, ex of Alexander Gilkes.


2. Meghan Markle is an American actress, born in Los Angeles California. Born in 1981, Meghan is now 36 years of age, 3 years older than Prince Harry.


3. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spoke of their relationship stating, "I don't think that I would call it a whirlwind in terms of our relationship, obviously there have been layers attached to how public it has become after we had a good five, six months almost with just privacy, which was amazing."


4. They have been splitting time between London, and Toronto where Markle resides.


5. The pair were engaged earlier this month, during a cozy night in. According to Markle, it was very romantic. Prince Harry could barely get the words out before she interjected with a YES!


6. Markle's engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry, with a central stone from Botswana where the two have been on vacation, along with two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection.


7. The engagement was announced through the Clarence House Twitter account. The announcement was made on behalf of Harry’s dad, Prince Charles of Wales.


8. The Wedding will take place in Spring of 2018.  Get excited people; we don’t have much time to prepare!

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