Eliza B: the Nail Guru in Aron 201

So, as some of my Tulane Class of 2020 pals may have heard, I have some big news for y’all: as of about 2 weeks ago, there is a STUDENT MANICURIST on our very campus. Yes, you read that correctly. A very talented, and highly entrepreneurial class o’ 2020 member decided to make a lil extra dough and I wholeheartedly support it. Eliza Brady, a sophomore at Tulane is legit my savior—as someone who doesn’t like to admit it, but absolutely needs it, I am a manicure fiend. But, I can never seem to paint my own nails without looking like a bottle spilled on the floor and I tried to use my nail beds to mop up the mess. I’m too cheap to go to a salon as a college student and spend the ~big bucks~ on a manicure, uber, etc. every other week-or-so. Instead, I toil over the fact that I must wait until I’m back home in Los Angeles to get my nail fix. And, in desperate times, I might even phone a friend in Phelps or SoHo to do my nails after a good amount of begging and bribing with food and back massages.

But...now everything has changed! I can finally get my nails done thanks to the wonderful Eliza in Aron! She’s legit the sweetest and one day just went ahead and posted in the Facebook group. I figured, why not try it out and see how she really is? Folks, lemme just tell you: she is the real deal. First of all, Eliza was an absolute stranger to me. We didn’t know each other so it could’ve been super awkward: nothing to talk about, just sitting there at her kitchen table, waiting for my gel to set in. Instead, the minute I texted to make an appointment for a gel mani (only $15, and she takes Venmo!), she responded super excitedly, which got me even more pumped for my mini spa treatment.

So, after making an appointment, and being reminded via text just an hour-or-so before I needed to get moving, I headed to Aron. Eliza happily opened the door, smiled, and welcomed me to her mini salon. Not only was she inviting, but she had tons of colors (both gel and regular) set out for me, including her gel kit, a nail cutter, filer, and placemat to avoid spillage. This girl was blowing me away, people! I was a bit wary about not going to a professional, but Eliza was all I could’ve hoped for. She was so talented, great at making you feel comfortable, super sweet, and straight up gave me a gel manicure before I had to head over to my next class! I can’t praise her enough and I swear on my love for sushi that everyone needs to hit her up. And, if you ever read this, Eliza, you go girl!