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Does the Chipotle Quesadilla Live Up To The Hype?

By now, I'm sure you've seen hundreds of advertisements for the new Chipotle quesadilla promising thick, cheesy goodness. The quesadilla was a shocking addition to their pretty unchanging menu. You choose your protein and sides to compliment it; it's shown coming in a box with compartments for each item. Well, I got the Chipotle quesadilla and my hopes and dreams were crushed. I was waiting for the quesadilla box, but I got a bag with the sides in small plastic containers and a sadly tinfoiled quesadilla crushed at the bottom. The quesadilla was not the big, beautiful, mouthwatering meal I was promised; it was a dry skinny quesadilla with more tortilla than fillings. I ordered the fajita veggie quesadilla, but I only found 2 slices of onion in the whole thing. There was barely any cheese and the only redeeming quality was being able to drench it in salsa and guac. I've heard that people have gotten quesadillas that look like the advertisements in other states, but if you are looking for the perfect quesadilla, stay away from getting it at a Chipotle in New Orleans. [bf_image id="q7jx9a-a5ektc-76cl81"]

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