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The Dirt on Celebrity Gossip Sites

It’s no secret that we all procrastinate. Watching endless hours of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix? Making vending machine runs? Facebook stalking people we haven’t talked to in years? Check, check and check.

But, one of my all time favorite ways to procrastinate is the celebrity gossip site. Whether I’m lying in bed trying to motivate myself to start writing a paper or bored waiting in the PJ’s coffee line by myself, this time killer never fails to entertain me. While I’m not advocating only reading celebrity gossip sites (PSA: reading the actual news is a good idea), sometimes you just need a little break and some mindless gossip does the trick. That’s why I’ve compiled my rating of three of the top gossip sites to save you time and help you get to this hard hitting, earth shattering news even faster.


Nothing can beat the actual magazine, which is perfect for anything from plane rides to a reward for getting through a hard test, but the website comes pretty close. Bookmark the website or download the app to your phone to find the dirt on everything from Bruce Jenner’s new hair style to the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” (and no, just in case you were wondering, I’m not prepared to accept that this show is coming to an end). “US” is my highest rated site because it strikes the perfect balance between snarky and boring. They tend to be fairly respectful of celebrities while still bringing us the gossip we crave after a long day of classes.

Overall grade: A-


TMZ on the other hand is just the slightest bit mean. Harvey Levin, who you might recognize from the funny but mildly cringe-worthy TMZ TV show, definitely has a darker sense of humor when it comes to making fun of the stars. That’s not to say that it isn’t enormously entertaining, you just have to put aside some of the meaner pieces and focus on the hilariously entertaining ones. TMZ is updated constantly so there’s never a shortage of interesting gossip to fill a boring elevator ride or distract you from your mountain of homework.

Overall grade: B +


The E! Network is undoubtedly one of my guilty pleasures. While I generally don’t watch a ton of TV at school, nothing compares to going home for break and watching “E! News” followed by a “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” marathon from my couch. While the network’s website certainly isn’t boring, it relates celeb gossip in a more matter of fact way. No snarky TMZ-esque headlines here. One of the best aspects of the site is the TV Scoop section with the dirt on all your favorite shows, from the classic SVU (probably didn’t know that Alec Baldwin is set to star on the show, did you now?) to shows set to premier soon. E! Online is a well-rounded celebrity gossip/entertainment news site, and that’s pretty hard to turn down.

Overall grade: B

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