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Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You

These are some cool parents^^


I’ll never forget that one night in the spring of my senior year of high school, when I sat on my parents bed, bawling my eyes out. They both kind of chuckled at me, amused that I was working myself up so much. “Why are you crying?! You should consider yourself so lucky that you get to choose between two amazing schools,” said my mom. The impending doom of deciding what college to attend had gotten to me and at the time, felt like a life crisis. After talking with my parents, taking their much-needed advice, and shedding a couple more tears, I finally decided on Tulane.

Fast forward four years later, and the impending doom of graduation looms closer each day. With only 41 days left, I’ve caught the nostalgia bug and have begun to reflect back on my time here. Like many college students, I’m thankful for my professors, roommates, and peers for their support. But when I really think about my college career, I can’t help but notice the one consistency over the past four years: my parents. We often take them for granted, but there’s no way I would have survived college—let alone decided on a college—without them. So to my parents, and all the other parents of soon-to-be graduates,  this thank you letter is for you.


Thank you for:


Leaving me behind in a hurricane freshman year. It was the quickest (and wettest) way to adjust to life on my own.

Sending me epic care packages.

Texting me videos and pictures during family events. I always felt included even when I was many miles away.

Coming down to visit me at least once each year.

Never being a helicopter parent. You let me make mistakes on my own and learn how to function as a real human being through trial and error (I think I turned out okay).

Letting me whine to you when I had a bad day. And then knowing exactly what advice to give.

Reminding me to be patient. Life doesn’t always come together perfectly.

Instructing me on how to correctly cook chicken so I don’t give myself food poisoning.

Teaching me to focus on school when necessary, and enjoy life when necessary. Sometimes the porch swing is more important than class.

Understanding my travel stress and always trying to give me at least an hour between flights.

Encouraging me to take a risk, and being there to share my excitement when the risk turns into success.

Making me realize that I won’t always have the right answer, and that’s okay.

Spending an hour on the phone with me each week, just to chat about how our lives are.

Reminding me to take advantage of what I have, when I have it. Go out, explore, and make an adventure out of it.


While I’m sure that there are a million more things I’m missing from this list, the point is that nothing comes close to the guidance, support, and love you have given me throughout these past four years (and my entire life!). You deserve the biggest thank you I can give.

I may be graduating, but I’m not growing up too fast. I’m already looking forward to the next chapter with you two— as roomies!


Asia Bradlee is a senior studying Public Health and English at Tulane University. She grew up in Boston, MA and has a passion for health and wellness writing. Asia has experience at Boston Magazine as the digital health intern and maintains her own wellness blog, Healthy, Hungry, Happy. 
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