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Dat Dog: A Spiritual Journey

From the moment my feet pass through the threshold of normal life into the world that is Dat Dog deliciousness, I know I have found my Heaven. 

Dat Dog, a local New Orleans hot dog chain, is nothing short of perfection. They have the best dogs- period. No arguments. Nada. Not listening. If you are a hot dog lover and have NOT been to one of the muli-locational institutions in the Big Easy, you’re doing something wrong. Call the uber now, split it with your friends, and get your butt down to Freret, Magazine, or Frenchmen (my personal favorite) for the greatest food experience of your life. And if you’re not a hot dog lover *gasps*, I guarantee one bite into this godly creation will change your mind for good. 

Like are you freaking kidding me. For reference, these are the Bacon Cheddar and Ranch fries, sans ranch. I do not mess with ranch. 

I know what you’re thinking- “There’s no way a hot dog could that great, they’re kinda creepy. This girl must be ~wilin’~”. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong (although I’m always ~wilin’~ to go to Dat Dog). What’s special about this place is not just the toasted, luxurioursly fluffy buns…or the juicy, flavorlicious beef, pork, turkey, or even GATOR (ya heard me, GATOR) dog nestled beautifully into said bun- no. It’s the combination of a killer atmosphere (think casual outdoor restaurant/bar with an ambience of a barn wedding- which you can thank the string lights for), the dogs, AND let us not forget the radical fries. Like I mentioned above, eating at Dat Dog (whether for lunch, dinner, or that 2 am “we’ve-been-on-Frenchmen-for-3-hours-I-am-going-to-eat-my-own-skin” snack) really is a spiritual journey. 

They even have a sense of humor!!! Also peep the friend I made while taking this picture…mutually loving Dat Dog brings you closer together with strangers!!! 

Bring your Tulane friends. Bring your family during Homecoming weekend. Bring your friends that visit during Mardi. Bring a random stranger. Just GOOOOO. And if you see me there (I’m a regular if you didn’t gather that by now), I cannot wait to hear your opinons.

My mom and I at Dog Dog, having a blast… obviously! 

Modern-Day Buddha.
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