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The Current Trend: Ten Nail Polish Colors to Try for Spring

Simply put, I love getting my nails done.  Whether your preference is to visit a salon or change polish at home, it is always possible to achieve a stunning manicure.  My favorite brand of nail lacquer happens to be Essie (shout out to roommate Haley, L’Oréal’s newest employee come August!)  By doing it yourself—with a steady hand—one of these bottles will only set you back $8, for numerous uses.  Below, I have listed my top ten favorite colors for spring.  Want more options?  Check out the Essie website for a glorious virtual wall of nail polish.

1. Mint Candy Apple: My best friend Shelby bought me a bottle of this color when we were in high school and it continues to brighten my day, four years later!

2. Cocktails & Coconuts: This new color from the resort 2014 collection is the perfect nude and goes with everything.  It’s even understated enough for internship and job interviews!

3. Truth or Flare: While I haven’t tried out this color on myself yet, reliable sources have told me that this spring 2014 collection color is the perfect light denim blue.

4. Lilacism: Lilacs happen to be one of my (many) favorite flowers, so this shade is my go to polish when spring is in full bloom.

5. Knockout Pout: I have been sporting this shade on my toes and received many compliments regarding the bright—but flattering—hue!  A must do for warm weather shoes that expose your feet.

6. Fiji: Now, some people may make fun of me for this, but Fiji has been a favorite of mine since the 7th grade.  It truly compliments every skin tone!

7. Really Red: Personally, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a simple red manicure.  It works all year round as a classically elegant look.

8. Coral Reef: A peachy coral always gets me in the mood for sun and sand.  This is the perfect preface to my favorite season of the year, summertime.

9. Chinchilly: While gray is arguably more of a fall/winter color, I believe that this polish nicely tones down the bright neon outfits one is sure to wear once the weather gets warm.

10. Mojito Madness: While I do not usually lean towards buying overly loud items of clothing, I love how this lime green adds a bit of daring color to my wardrobe.

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