The Current Trend: Having Fun with Fashion

I recently received a text message from my friend Alexandra with a photo of a fashion socialite wearing what appeared to be a McDonald’s uniform.  She sent me the image because she was confused and asked, “Is it supposed to look like McDonald’s?”

Jeremy Scott of Moschino designed this particular outfit.  His fall/winter collection debuted on the runway in Milan just last month.  The label is known for its successfully quirky designs, with sold out items such as an $85 iPhone case and a dress priced just shy of $1,000.  This collection sets the reminder: one should have fun with fashion.

The fashion industry from afar can appear like an overly serious domain.  However, more and more designers are being jocular with their profession.  Pieces made for the runway are not necessarily designed for mass consumerism.  Instead, they are to be viewed artistically and with commentary on the current times.

Scott’s designs display that Halloween and theme parties are not the only time to get quirky with clothing.  My advice is to buy the statement t-shirt with the funny phrase.  Wearing said shirt can be a great conversation starter and might add a lighter spring to your step.  Fives years from now, the tank top that states “I woke up like this” will bring back memories of Beyoncé’s hit album as well as all the fun times you had while wearing it!