The Current Trend: Comfortable Fashion


The Era of Comfort is what the fashion elite are titling the new shift towards agreeable, if not downright homely, attire. This summer, I experienced this trend first-hand as an editorial intern at Vogue. I would observe the wears of the stylish staff that put together such an influential fashion magazine. What stuck out to me the most was the gravitation toward flat shoes over heels.

The French powerhouse Céline introduced the concept of luxury comfort during the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion shows. The loose-fitting clothes made a statement that an unhurried look can be chic, too. These garments, paired with lavish flats, signaled a change in the fashion world. Slip-ons made from mink and espadrilles made from pony hair became the hottest ticket for fashion followers.

Of course, there are less expensive versions of these shoes. The Céline creations resembled Birkenstocks so much that I noticed they were being worn at the Vogue office. And once the magazine’s influential employees started to sport them, I saw the trend popping up everywhere. It became such a hit that I found myself digging through my closet and blowing the dust off my old chocolate brown double-strap sandals—the ones my parents almost forbid me from buying in my youth.

As I debuted my old Birks in the office, paired with a more fashionable outfit (of course), I found that I fit right in. It appears that this comfort craze is here to stay.  The Spring/Summer 2014 runways (and Fashion Week street style) have proved that the relaxed look is stronger than ever.  More and more designers are sending their models down the runway in flats. And for someone with a low pain tolerance, I am certainly rejoicing and embracing this new look. Long live ugly shoes.