The Current Trend: 5 Fashion Websites To Help You Procrastinate During Finals

It’s almost that time again.  Finals.  This means a lot of hours spent in the library.  Personally, I get through finals with small rewards after completing a large amount of work.  Where do I turn for breaks from papers and exams?  Fashion websites.  Below, I have listed five websites that I find adds a little excitement back into days of cramming.

1. – Much like the magazine, this website is filled with interesting articles as well as photo shoot eye candy.  (Is anyone surprised that this is the first website on my list?)

2. – With clothing ranging from inexpensive to pricey, this site is the perfect place to gather inspiration for outfits for future events.  Plus, a new partnership with Amazon Prime means they deliver faster and more reliably than ever!

3. – Gilt features designer sales, from high end clothing to boutique hotels, which means you can dream big for a lower price.

4. – This beauty-based website offers great advice and inspiration for all of your cosmetic needs.

5. – Ever wondered what the homes (and closets) of Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, or even A$AP Rocky looked like?  The Coveteur allows a sneak peak into the homes of celebrities and, if you’re anything like me, it is possible to get lost on this site for hours.

Last but not least, I have developed a newfound interest for Pinterest.  This may seem obvious, but I only recently jumped on the bandwagon exclusively to map out fashion trends and home décor.  Check out my page here!