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The Current: Nicolas Cage’s French Quarter Freak Out

Nicolas Cage has been very much in the media lately due to his monetary problems.  It has become well known that the actor has gotten in trouble recently with the IRS.  He is under investigation for not paying taxes on gifts he has given between 2004 and 2009.  Cage has handed out gifts totaling in $1.8 million, yet never paid taxes on the presents.  Cage is not blaming himself for this, instead stating that his business manager is responsible for such mistakes.

Such irresponsible behavior has caused the actor to take on many more movies to pay his debts.  Most famous actors prefer to choose successful and compelling scripts and characters when they decide on their next role.  However, Cage has been picking up many low quality films simply to pay for his tax problems.  This has resulted in a slew of low quality jobs under the actor’s belt.
With such financial issues, the actor has also been acting out.  On April 15, the actor was arrested in New Orleans on domestic violence and public drunkenness.  It was in the French Quarter, at 6:33 in the morning, that onlookers saw Cage causes a scene and allegedly grabbing his wife’s upper arm.  The police were apparently willing to let this slide until the actor started provoking them.  Cage dared the police to arrest him and was behaving so disrespectfully that he was taken into custody.
Duane “Dog” Chapman, otherwise known as The Bounty Hunter bailed out the actor for $11,000.  While it is unknown why Chapman was in New Orleans, Cage is on location for his latest film “Medallion.”  It has been reported that Cage’s poor conduct has not affected production on set.  “Medallion” portrays Cage as a bank robber, released from prison on Fat Tuesday.  While this film sounds more compelling than his usual car chase movies, Cage is yet again playing the role of a criminal.  Next time, perhaps the actor should take on the character of the “good guy”; this might inspire him to start acting like one off-screen.

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